A Bronx Virtual Reality Painting: Current Progress


Partnering with the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Department of Fine Art Media Laboratory, Tom Christopher
and students form FIT will create three Bronx-specific VR experiences for the Montefiore Medical Center. Patients will experience the environment
seeking to diminish anxiety, pain and opioid addiction through stimulus-rich, curated artistic environments.

This virtual city block is made up of elements from different streets.
The process allows you to blow it up to the size of a billboard or shrink it to the size of an ant.
Walk through or around or hover from above.

Crossing Guard

Shopper walks by

Letter of intent Driver

Kids and bikes

Plant man

Fish Neon Sign




"The rough style and semi abstract backgrounds are a result of the limitations of Tilt Brush. But it fits a gestural way of painting.
 Tilt Brush tries to emulate oil paint in some tools. In my opinion they should not. The accidents and characteristics
of the system has it’s own beauty. You don’t need to reproduce the drips and scumbling you would see in oil. VR has it’s own distinctive look.
Not unlike sculpting with a chainsaw." - Tom Christopher


Reference photos and sketches are gathered and editedPhoto picks

Tom and interns from the FIT Emerging Technology Lab creating the scene in Tom's studio.Tom and intern painting
Tilt Brush interns

FIT students and Montefiore creative directors, setting up Tilt Brush environment at Lift Trucks Project.

VR lab crew setting up


Equipment test for Google Tilt Brush by FIT interns at Tom Christopher's studio

FIT interns at Lift trucks Project

Olivia Davis and FIT professor Tom McManus monitor progress

TommMcMannus and

Special Thanks to:

Olivia Davis, Project Manager and Assistant Curator, The Montefiore Fine Art Program
Jodi Moise, Curator, The Montefiore Fine Art Program and Collection
David Beach, Associate Professor of Architecture, Drury University
Patrick Denny, Media Specialist
Thomas McManus, Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology
Joel Werring, Chair, Fine Arts Department, Fashion Institute of Technology
James Pearce, Technology Department, Fashion Institute of Technology
Joseph Irizarry, Pilot Internship Program, Fashion Institute of Technology
Stephanie Held, Pilot Internship Program, Fashion Institute of Technology
Alaa AlRadwan, Architect and Co-Founder, ToGo Creations
Jessica Snyder, Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center and Co-Founder, ToGo Creations

FIT Logo

Tom and FIT student Patrick Obando at the Virtual Reality studio in the Emerging Technology Lab.
Tom is working in the lab painting in virtual reality.

FIT Innovation Lab

Technology Manager James Pearce; Tom putting on the headset preparing to paint.



3D Skateboarder

Painting in VR with Google's Tilt Brush at the FIT Emerging Technology Lab

In the Garage of Memory